First off, this is not an April Fools joke.

Starting later this month, we’re going to be running monthly Blog Brawl-like contests for Virginia Real Estate bloggers. (We’re saving the name "Blog Brawl" for the big one.)

Unlike the Brawl, which is simple and straightforward, these will each have a twist of some sort. And I’d love your ideas for what some of them might be.

For example, planned contests include:

  • Best single post (bloggers would submit a new entry for each round of the contest)
  • Best video post
  • Best blog design (with plenty of warning for those of you who want to tweak yours)
  • Best redesign to look like a 1970s blog (and ’80s, and ’90s — we have some cool prizes lined up)
  • Best blog entry done entirely in verse

You get the picture.

Voting won’t be as simple, either. We’re going to try different methods: "Vote for every blog you think is good enough to win" or "Choose your favorite three" or "Rank them from 1 to 16" and so on.

Prizes will include those Flip Mino HD cameras (of course — we have a lot of them), but also other cool things. And we know cool.

Why? A few reasons. First, we want to draw attention to our Real Estate bloggers — hopefully even attract some new blood.

We also want to give you a reason to get in touch with your clients, even if it’s just to beg for votes.

We want to stimulate your creative juices. It’s easy to make a bland blog using the default WordPress theme and say nothing of consequence. We want you to stretch yourselves. Frank Llllosa does video, so why don’t you? Maybe it’s just an excuse for a redesign.

And, of course, we don’t mind the traffic — and neither will you. :-)

Ideas. I want ‘em. Send them here. andrew is the user name, and is the domain.