I just watched our IT guy, the indomitable Mike Shepherd, sling around some flat-panel monitors for a couple of temps we had in the office.

I remember shelling out the extra bucks for a hi-res amber monitor instead of the green screens most people had. And I remember the other editors at PC Magazine being jealous because I got the 19-inch CRT when they had 17-inchers. And I remember getting my first LCD screen as a gift from my wife, and how suddenly I had a lot more space but I was iffy about the money she spent. (Well, not too iffy.)

And here was Mike, casually carrying around these things that not too long ago were a Big Deal.

Time files. Jovan Hackley says he’s gonna get me one of the old MLS books so I can see what you folks used to deal with. I’m clearing space.

On a related note, my favorite computer photo-hoax of all time (you gotta click to enlarge and read the caption):