So we did this survey of managing brokers, see, to find out all sorts of things about how the economy is affecting them — whether they’ve closed an office, changed their ad spending, and so on.

You know you’re interested.

What’d we learn?

43 percent of them reduced the number of licensed Realtors working for them. (But almost 23 percent increased the number of Realtors in their offices.)

Stressful? You bet — 23% "Seriously considered leaving real estate as a profession" and 21% "Seriously considered selling or merging" their firm. Oh, and 79% earned less money than in the previous 12 months. Ouch.

And yet, despite all this the outlook was positive.

Almost two-thirds of brokers who have been in business more than 12 years — the most experienced folks — think the economy has already turned the corner or will turn it before the end of the year.

How about this: Click here to download a three-page PDF of the survey results.