Flu patients in 1918 What would you do if this whole flu thing becomes a Big Deal? Bigger than declarations of emergency and the EU warning travelers to stay away from the U.S.?

It’s not an idle question — this isn’t something you want to mess with. (Read up on 1918 if you need the gory details. The strain that’s hitting now, H1N1, is the same one that hit then, and, like then, it’s targeting healthy people. That’s why folks are worried.)

There are two issues for Realtors. First, personal health — meeting in lots of places with lots of people (and dealing with lots of paper) means significantly more exposure and risk. Would you cut down your business until the outbreak ran its course?

Second, as people who go from house to house, Realtors can easily be disease vectors. A bottle of Purell can only do so much.

Which makes me curious: Have you thought at all about what you would do if some nasty version of influenza hit Virginia?