“It’s Not You It’s Me”: What Happens AFTER the Closing

You’ve worked with a client for months, been there for every step and probably know more about them than many of their friends/family do.  All the final closing papers are signed and you say your goodbye’s. Now what?

Most will tell you to regularly shower them with mailers and random or timed phone calls so they know you’re still around and there to help them.  I tried the random calling and even “pop bys” with some success but have also noticed a trend in the past year: people are busy and do not need you barging in on a random or timed basis.  If you did a good job for your clients most WILL keep your name in mind and pass your information along to others.

So the natural thought becomes “How do you keep in touch with these busy people without being completely obnoxious or intrusive?”  Well here’s my current plan of attack:

  • A monthly newsletter that people I add have the option to opt-in to receive:  (VAR members receive a newsletter service FREE via ClientDirect)
  • Facebook:  most of my past clients and prospects are my Facebook friends so they can see that I have both a professional AND personal life.
  • A Blog:  this tool is useful to offer local information to your target audience.  It also offers a great way to discuss popular topics an FAQ or KnowledgeBase of sorts
  • Closing Gifts of Value: Gift baskets are nice but for some things I’ve found clients will find of more relevant value are Lowe’s REALTOR Benefits and Homeminders
  • Client’s Access to what they need when they need it.: One of the services I implemented was 24/7 access to transaction documents both during AND after the transaction.  This has been a huge hit among both past and prospective customers/clients.

Your way of follow-up will vary based on your personality and how your customer base prefers to keep in touch.  Has anyone else noticed the ways of keeping in touch changing with the times?

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3 Responses to “It’s Not You It’s Me”: What Happens AFTER the Closing

  1. Nice list of ideas for staying in touch after the closing. This is something that I have always felt a little funny about. Just popping in unannounced is very uncomfortable, so I tend to keep then on my mailing list, and every so often send then a nice seasonal card as well.

  2. I know some people who will send home anniversary cards for 1,5,10,etc. Some even do birthday cards.

  3. Tony Arko says:

    Nice post Matt. I have found that some people I have worked with have become good friends while others the relationship ended at settlement. I choose to foster the relationships that are real and natural versus forcing a less natural relationship into a potential referral situation. I have found that it is better to be more sincere. And it turns out the number of referrals from the natural friendships that grow out of a transaction are much better and more frequent.

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