Earnest Money Deposits

Blogmaster’s note: Please welcome VAR’s Associate Counsel, Blake Hegeman, as the newest VARbuzz contributor!

Did you know that VAR has a library of commonly asked legal questions? It’s called the Legal Resources Center, and VAR members can access it on VARealtor.com after logging in.

As calls come in to our Legal Hotline, Lem Marshall and I track the questions and, as new topics bubble up, write  explanations for the things that are most commonly asked of us. One of the most frequently asked questions on VAR’s Legal Hotline these days is the disposition of earnest money deposits.  Here’s an overview.

Please note that this and other useful materials are available in the Legal Resources Center, so I encourage you to add it to your favorites.  I’ll be back on VARbuzz from time to time to let you know about new additions.

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