Potomac River Express: Another Option for Northern Virginia?

There is always a search for more ways to help move the masses of people that commute to and from Washington DC.  Northern Virginia has implemented several including HOV lanes on both both major interstates that feed the outer suburbs and the Virginia Railway Express, a commuter railroad that after a slow start has steadily gained popularity.

According to articles in both the Potomac News and Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, a commuter ferry on the Potomac River is to be tested this month.  This looks to be a good alternative to commuter rail as its ending destination is the DC waterfron as opposed to the VRE which is currently Union Station.  Like the Virginia Railway Express, the ferry will have to overcome initial obstacles such as being on a schedule convenient for the majority of commuters and also at a price point that people and/or employers are willing to pay.

What do you think:  Is this another viable way to alleviative congested roadways or just a fad that will fall on its face?

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4 Responses to Potomac River Express: Another Option for Northern Virginia?

  1. Cindy Jones says:

    This isn’t the first time they have run a test of a ferry from Prince William County to DC. In 2007 they ran one from Harbor Station in the Quantico area to DC. The ride was 58 minutes. This weeks test run will go from the Town of Occoquan to DC. At the cost of $250K it is an expensive ride however at some point alternatives to building more lanes of highway need to be seriously considered and the Potomac River seems like a great way to go!

  2. Matt Wilkins says:

    Thanks Cindy. The information I had at the time of drafting this post did not include the departure point and cost. I agree that it may have to become a viable alternative and hopefully by that point down the road it will be less cost-prohibitive.

    Interesting mentioning Harbor Station with the news that one of the developers went bankrupt which will slow down plans to complete that project.

  3. Alternative ways of getting the people to and from their jobs are always great, but they need to make financial sence as well. Hope this one can meet that goal. I still think that rail service is probably more viable long term.

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