Clients thinking you are too busy? Use video.

I’m sure you’ve hear the traditional real estate mantra “Make sure your clients think you are busy, but always end with ‘Never too busy for your referrals!’.”

Well bloggers aren’t traditional. We have to walk a fine line from looking too spammy with “Hire me now” at the end of each blog post.

However recently I had 4 people (yes 4) tell me that they religiously read my blog, and wanted to use me, but thought I was too busy. So I made a WheelEstateCam video on the topic and immediately doubled my business. And then new clients started saying, “If it wasn’t for that video, I wouldn’t have called you.”

That is called effective online (free) marketing.

So if something works once, I figured I’d try it again. Here is my latest video.

I also encouraged Jeff Royce and Joe Bauer to have a crack at it:

From Jeff Royce’s Fairfax Real Estate blogger

From video blogging newcomer Jay Bauer Penn Quarter Realtor Video Blogger

And if your full name on YouTube brings up a foreign rapper, you better use Video to 1 up them. See “The Real Jay Bauer

Also you can’t forget Brian Block’s approach to a similar topic (done before all the videos above).

So how are you using this new media to let clients know you want them to contact you?

Frank LL0SA

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2 Responses to Clients thinking you are too busy? Use video.

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    I swear Frank is not right in the head – but this is still pretty brilliant.

  2. Frank, I’m a fan. You’re a hoot. It was great meeting you at the NVAR Riding the Social Media Wave event. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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