Writes of Passage for a Blogging Neophyte – Part IV


Time Management

Out of all the questions I get about blogging, this has to be the most common one, “How do you have time for all this?”  It’s a quite simple answer, as with anything that is important to your business, you make time for blogging.  To be a successful blogger you need to build blogging into your day, week, month, year.  Blogging needs to become a habit, not a chore. 

When I first started blogging I actually dreaded having to come up with new material, or sitting down to write a post.  I would push it off as long as possible and hope that the words would just flow when the time came.  I’ve learned over the past year that this isn’t the case for me.  I’ve found that I need to block off time every week to work on my blog.  Sometimes I just spend 15 minutes thinking of new topics, Google Analytics and my client interactions are good sources for new topics.  Most of the time I spend about 30 minutes drafting a post or just thinking about how I want to address a topic.  Other times I’m given a topic and I need to research.  The point is, I make time in my work day to concentrate on blogging.  It is a bullet point on my To Do List every week.  It is part of my business day.  It is a part of my life.  It is a part of me.   

Some keys to making blogging a daily ritual or a habit are:

Develop a daily To Do List and include blogging at least twice a week.

Set goals for the number of posts you would like written and posted per month.

Participate in Blogging Development Contests – these contests challenge a blogger to post a certain number of times during a set period, or they require a blogger to use various communication formats in their blog.  Regardless of the type of contest, the idea is to develop you as a blogger and help make blogging a habit.  (RE BarCamp Philadelphia is having a 21 Day to Blogging Challenge for their upcoming event).

Set dates that certain posts will appear.  I always post a monthly market statistics blog around the 10th of the month.  My readers expect to see the post.  This fuels me to write it and post it on time. 

Time management is a skill that most people need to develop.  In this market, many of us do not have enough time in our day already.  It is hard to introduce any new habit into your life, but it is possible with repetition and commitment.  A successful blog offers relevant content that is delivered in a timely manner.  I want people to visit my blog site, therefore, I dedicate the necessary amount of time my readers deserve to get well-thought out, pertinent posts.

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4 Responses to Writes of Passage for a Blogging Neophyte – Part IV

  1. Excellent tips that I will try to implement as I go down the road of blogging! I just premiered by new site at http://RochesterREguy.com with my first blog titled ‘Coincidence or Cause.’

  2. Jeremy Hart says:

    I think you’re right, Sarah – the “where do you find the time” question has to be the most frequently asked. Initially, I tried to write a post every day, and then it dwindled to a few a week, and now it seems it’s a few a month. Not as much as I’d like, but building it into your To Do list is a good idea – kind of like blocking off time, “every Tuesday and Friday afternoon I blog” kind of thing.

    Thanks for keeping up this series – even as someone who’s probably not a newbie anymore, I still look forward to it!

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