A handy flyer from VAR to explain to your clients how to apply the $8000 first time homebuyers credit to closing costs

Tax_Credit_Bridge_Loan_Thumb As reported earlier here on VARbuzz, FHA released details on how consumers can receive a loan of up to $8000 to use towards closing costs. It’s basically an advance on the $8000 first time homebuyers credit.

Now, VAR has released a simple flyer that you can give to your clients to explain the credit and how they can use it towards closing costs. Download it now (5 MB PDF).

As with other flyers of this type from VAR, this one has a space at the bottom left for you to attach a business card or print your name and contact details.

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8 Responses to A handy flyer from VAR to explain to your clients how to apply the $8000 first time homebuyers credit to closing costs

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  2. No way, I was so excited we finally had to tool that came to the consumer to stimulate the economy. Something that could actually help us get people into homes. Then BAM it is gone. This just make so much sense to me to help the people on the fence looking for a few more dollars. Pres. Obama with all respect, please bring this one back.

  3. @Donna, the latest I’ve heard is that the details on FHA’s bridge loan is expected to be finalized next week.

  4. This is a great tool; thank you for making it available to us.
    However! The quality of the flyer is not good, the light blue type is
    faded and blurry which makes copying a nice flyer not possible…
    I only have Reader, so in order to personalize I have to copy the whole
    flyer as an image and paste to Publisher where I can manipulate it and
    put my information in the corner. Does anyone have a better way? How can
    I improve the quality of the .pdf?


  5. Yeahhhh! Talk about a shot in the arm. I’ve been waiting for this to materialize since the HUD announcement. This is a great tool for first-time buyers. I expect that we will be VERY busy in July-Oct with buyers trying to buy and be under contract prior to the December 1 sunset.

  6. Jere Barnthouse says:

    This is a big deal and all first time home buyers should move quickly to take advantage of this gift. It can mean a real equity boost for new homeowners.

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