Help your clients get their piece of housing recovery initiatives

Two things you need to know about to help you help your clients:

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  1. Very good information and every little bit helps when dealing with first time home buyers. Although I have to say that the real estate market has been extremely busy these past few months.

  2. Jim Rake says:

    Ben – Kudos to VAR for the info.
    HUD’s offerings are certainly timely. I’ll be tuning in to Thursday’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP2) webcast.

  3. Ok I know that there is still tons of bad news out there and plenty of reasons to believe it but here are a few things that MIGHT indicate that the real estate market is starting to firm up in Phoenix.

    1. A mortgage lender friend of mine says that April will be his best month since 2005.

    2. I wrote purchase contracts on two different properties today and received offers on two different listings this weekend. This constitutes the busiest weekend I have had in four years. One of the offers I received was for full price.

    3. My wife, an escrow officer, says that April will be her busiest month since 2005. About 50% of the transactions are refinancing of existing mortgages and 50% purchase contracts. Yes, most of the contracts are of lower priced foreclosures but its still promising to see that so many people believe prices now “make sense”.

    4. We have received more buyer leads over the last two weeks than we have in four years.

    5. We are finding properties priced low enough that one can easily enjoy positive cash flow if they buy and then rent the property out.

    I’m not saying that we can now declare that the bust is over and full steam ahead but if things keep going in this direction we very well may be seeing the beginning of a recovery.

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