VMC to Brokers: Take advantage of us!

Following is a guest post from Virginia Managers Council chair, Claire Forcier-Rowe:

Have you heard of the Virginia Managers Council (VMC)? No? Well at the very least now you can say you have!

So who and what is the VMC? Well, it is a working group made up of Associate Brokers, Managing Brokers and Owners.

What do we do? Since we are a young working group we are still finding our way but, we are working hard to be an advocate for all those that hold an Associate Brokers license or higher.

Our mission is to be the central source for real estate brokers and aspiring managers to find a large array of information. We seek to offer training and education opportunities that will enhance your business knowledge and effectiveness, while also being responsible for the VAR Manager of the Year Award.

So, how are we doing this? Well, have you checked out the Brokers section of VARealtor.com? In this section you will find the Broker Tool Kit, various Webcasts plus other tools and information. These are offered free to you, just log in using your NRDS number and your last name.

We also offer Broker educational classes at the Legislative & Education Conference and VAR’s Convention & Expo as well as round table discussions with your peers from around the state. These round table discussions have become quite popular since everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and experiences. At the Convention in September we will once again offer Broker CE classes and round tables discussions on Wednesday September 16th and hope to see even more participation!

Next year promises to be quite exciting, we will start branching out with various associations to share Broker CE classes and possibly a CRB class. Of course we need all Brokers to help us grow and become more useful to you and your business. We need your support, your input, your ideas and we need to you to nominate Managers for the prestigious “Manager of the Year Award”. What is most important however, we need you to be aware that you have this wonderful resource know as the Virginia Manager Council! So now you know!

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5 Responses to VMC to Brokers: Take advantage of us!

  1. tarodoug says:

    Its great to see brokers partnering together to help the younger generations out. I great tool that may help everyone in our industry is the newest widget that just hit the market today! Its a school widget!

    To access the press release:http://www.viewmylisting.com/emails/schoolwidget.htm
    To access the widget: http://www.viewmylisting.com/links.aspx

  2. Jim Rake says:

    “We seek to offer training and education opportunities that will enhance your business knowledge and effectiveness…”

    That’s hard to argue with – thanks Claire. Appreciate the initiative and resource!

  3. Ryan Jones says:

    I commend you on putting together such a great program for your fellow brokers..just wish I could be a part of it. I’m in CA. :)

  4. Claire Forcier-Rowe says:

    Ryan, good point, I will take that back to the working group!

  5. Sounds like a great program. Education is key in this ever changing industry.

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