eco-joe If you’re one of the folks who has buried a statue of St. Joseph on a property in the hopes of getting it to sell faster, here’s something to think about.

Joseph was a carpenter (the actual translation is more “builder,” which means he worked with wood, clay, stone, whatever). The point being, he’s a guy who worked with natural materials.

So a plastic statue doesn’t exactly do right by him, does it? No offense to whichever Chinese company is turning them out, but a cheap plastic toy doesn’t exactly demonstrate a full measure of devotion, does it?

Further, those plastic statues are forever. They’re unnatural. Would a man who worked with wood and clay and stone approve of something like that?

One company thinks the answer is “No,” and it’s got an alternative: The $14.95 EcoJoe — a statue of St. Joseph made of clay, part of an “eco-friendly home selling kit.” Even the packaging is “printed with soy-based ink on 100% post consumer paper.”

Much more in line with what Joseph himself would use, huh?