Virginia Managers Council round tables

Have you signed up for the VAR’s Convention & Expo 2009 yet? Well, I hope you have and that you plan to participate in the VMC Broker Round Tables.

The round tables are an open discussion to be held on September 16 from 3:45-5:30. We are offering five different topics of discussion and they run about 30 minutes each. They are:

  • How to run a property management division – moderated by Amy Gianniny and Joe Carney
  • Professional social networking – with Ben Martin
  • Risk management for short sales and HUD properties – featuring Cindy Bishop
  • Creating an inspiring atmosphere in the workplace – hosted by Michael Guthrie
  • Marketing with today cost constraints – with Matthew Rathbun

We hope that you will join us for conversation and networking opportunities plus our mediators are some of the best in the business! This is truly a great way to share ideas and pick up tips from others across the Commonwealth.

Hope you will join us on September 16th!

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