UPDATE: Contest extended until Sept. 30!

Got your copy of the September/October issue of Commonwealth? Got the contest answers filled in? Read the previous note about the error, so you know to skip question 3?

Good — let’s see if you’re a lucky winner of a Flip Mino HD video camera!

Here we go….

  1. Remember to skip question 3 — our bad!
  2. Take your four remaining answers, which consist of seven names (there’s at least one last name).
  3. Count the letters in those seven names.
  4. Add one.
  5. Go to that page in the September/October magazine.
  6. Add all the numbers on that page — ignore things like dollar or percent signs, but include any that are spelled out (e.g., seven is the same as 7). Look carefully.
  7. What’s the sum?
    For example, "23% of Realtors spend more than $1,000 every six years" would give you 23 + 1000 + 6 or 1029.

Send a note to that_number@varbuzz.com (e.g., 1234@varbuzz.com). Say nice things.

We’ll take all the correct entries received by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 27 Wednesday, September 30 and draw one winner at random. Easy peasy!