In a letter to state legislators, Patrick Gottschalk, chair of the Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force, released details of a new Web site for homeowners in (or at risk of going into) foreclosure:

Increasing foreclosure rates not only negatively impact individuals and families through home loss, related financial devastation, and family disruption, but also have a negative impact on communities. Increasing foreclosure rates depress property values, affect housing industries, reduce local government tax revenues, and have a negative impact on community stability. The Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force has undertaken a host of efforts to address these problems, including the development of a comprehensive website (

The letter also contained a list of organizations for homeowners to contact, should they fall behind on their loan payments. That list can be found on the Virginia Homeowners Alliance Web site.

VAR’s 2009 Chair, John Powell, serves as a member of the Virginia Foreclosure Prevention Task Force.