VAR Video Blogging HOW TO Class 1hr

This was recorded at the VAR annual convention. This year it was in Hot Springs Va.
The topic is why you should be using Video in your business.
– Get started without buying anything
– Premium equipment if you wanted to upgrade
– Different types of videos. (ie for listings, neighborhoods)
– Things to talk about in your video and creative ideas

Hope you enjoyed it.

Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

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2 Responses to VAR Video Blogging HOW TO Class 1hr

  1. Doug Francis says:

    I will have to return to watch the rest of the class…

    But let your personality come through, keep them short (2-3 minutes) and if you don’t have a good on-camera personality, then it’s best get a couple of opinions before you post. You can improve your on-camera delivery with some practice.

    Honestly, my first video (vlog) on my blog was a tad boring!

  2. Merimbula says:

    Actually, this is the first video blog I have seen. This is a great idea!

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