Just about a year ago VAR’s 2009 President John Powell called and asked if I would chair the Virginia Managers Council.   It was an honor to have been asked and an honor to have served in this position this past year.  Working with other brokers from around the state has been quite a rewarding experience.  I can say that more than a few of the members of this working group have become friends, mentors and professionals I can call on for help, ideas or information.

The VAR staff was very helpful. They returned calls quickly and overall just made the job easier! They helped in so many ways with my questions and showed an enormous amount of patience!  Thank you for all your assistance!

If you have ever wondered why you should volunteer to be on a working group, I can tell you the networking opportunities are invaluable, the insight you gain into this industry is amazing.  And, the added bonus is that these peers will become lifelong friends, mentors and consultants in this ever changing industry.

In closing I cannot let the opportunity pass without thanking John Powell for having allowed me to chair this committee and Cindy Stackhouse for her continued support.  I now step aside and wish our incoming chair much success, I know VMC is in good hands and I know it will continue to grow and develop.

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