Efforts to extend homebuyer’s tax credit far from over

NAR tells us that the fight to extend the homebuyer’s tax credit still has a long way to go.

Senate leaders of both parties and key Senate Finance Committee members and staff, and tax credit sponsors Dodd-Lieberman-Isakson have agreed on extending and expanding the housing tax credit.

However, there is no agreement on how to attach this tax credit to the pending Unemployment Insurance bill, or whether to offer the tax credit agreement on another bill, or whether to bring the agreement to the Senate floor and vote upon it as a separate, stand alone bill.

And after Senate action, the tax credit must go to the House of Representatives for action.

NAR is urging Realtors to continue contacting their Senators about extending and expanding the tax credit. Click here to contact your Senators today.

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  2. Scott Brunner says:

    @Rebecca: It’s certainly not a done deal, but the update above came directly from NAR to all state associations this morning.

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