VAR calls for action: Extend the homebuyer tax credit

NAR is expecting a Senate vote this week on extending and expanding the homebuyer tax credit. (The credit is currently set to expire in 35 days). Have you responded yet?

This morning, your VAR Law & Policy team sent a reminder e-mail (“Help Secure the Homebuyer Tax Credit for Your Clients”) to all members who had not yet responded to the NAR call for action. With such an important vote coming up this week that affects both you and your clients, please respond to the CFA today. (You can either click on the personalized link in your e-mail or go to and enter your information).

Thank you for your part in making the Realtor® voice heard on Capitol Hill.

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One Response to VAR calls for action: Extend the homebuyer tax credit

  1. So I am hearing local agents who are on both sides of this issue. Some want it to be extended to help the current real estate market and others are saying that long term we will all be paying the price…
    A good debate, whether you are local to Charlottesville, live in a different area of Virginia or if you are selling Real Estate anywhere in the nation.

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