Brokers: Have you heard of Outstaffing?

If you’re a broker looking to spend more time recruiting agents, or just looking for more time, period, don’t forget about Outstaffing.

You’ve probably met Phil Mauger at VAR’s tradeshows (he’s the friendly guy with the British accent, usually accompanied by his wife or brother.) Phil’s the owner and operator of VAR’s long-standing member service partner, Outstaffing.

His gig: take that human resources stuff off your plate.

Maybe you want to deal with taxes, benefits, and payroll instead of real estate. If not, here’s what Phil can do for you.

  • Liability management (better known as payroll taxes, workers compensation, and all that other “ugh”-inducing stuff)
  • Benefits management (like selection of the right carriers, administration, reconciliation, 401(k) and all that other financial stuff)
  • Payroll processing (including the dreaded W2s)
  • Federal and State taxes (who doesn’t love doing this?)
  • Employee records management (HR!)

That means all brokers need to focus on is recruitment, hiring, and management. And isn’t that the most important part of your business? E-mail Phil today to talk about how you can move some of the mess off your desk.

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