Explain the new homebuyer tax credit to your clients with new flyer

Click here to download the flyer

Today President Obama signed a bill extending and expanding the homebuyer tax credit. Now that the bill has become law, VAR has a new flyer to help you inform your clients about the expanded tax credits that you can download today at www.VARealtor.com/ToolsDownload it now for showings this weekend!

The extension and expansion of the homebuyer tax credit is a testament to the determination and persistence of Realtors® and their associations.  We want to say thank you.  By responding to calls to action, contacting your legislators, and encouraging your fellow Realtors® to do the same, NAR lobbyists were able to ensure passage of this bill.  The extension and expansion of the homebuyer tax credit will help stabilize housing markets and the nation’s economy, according to NAR.

Read up on the credit at VARbuzz, and don’t forget to download the new flyer and tell your clients about the homebuyer tax credit extension. You can even send them to this story on the Virginia Homeowners Alliance Web site that explains how the new $6,500 “move-up buyer” credit could benefit them.

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