Realtors, homeowners and RPAC-endorsed candidates prevail on Election Day

Yesterday’s election left its mark on the landscape of Virginia’s Capitol Square. With local association endorsements and VAR member votes, RPAC of Virginia-endorsed candidates Governor-elect Bob McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling were both victorious last night. And 77 of the 88 RPAC-endorsed House of Delegates candidates will take their seats in the 2010 General Assembly.

RPAC endorsements consistent with Virginia voters
In 2009, the RPAC of Virginia Trustees, working with NAR’s Electoral Services Program, allocated over $400,000 in various expenditures for candidates and their campaigns. These include:

  • direct cash contributions to candidates and their campaigns,
  • homeowner-targeted postcards in 9 districts, and
  • Realtor®-targeted register-to-vote reminders, statewide candidate and House of Delegates candidate postcards in 48 districts.

Through these efforts, RPAC of Virginia reached tens of thousands of registered Virginia voters, promoting the candidates who have supported homeowner and Realtor® issues across Virginia. It is significant to note that most of the RPAC of Virginia-endorsed candidates (87%) were elected yesterday. Election Day 2009 proved once again that RPAC of Virginia supports candidates whose positions reflect with the public’s priorities.

A reason for optimism
Despite some different faces appearing on Capitol Hill next year, Realtors® are well positioned as the General Assembly approaches. We look forward to the start of what promises to be an exciting 2010 session.

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2 Responses to Realtors, homeowners and RPAC-endorsed candidates prevail on Election Day

  1. Ray says:

    Realtors taking over the world in 2010! Ok, maybe not, but still great news.

  2. Good news for real estate realtors and homeowners. In addition to helping real estate professionals and representing RPAC also saves money for homeowners.

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