REal show 2010By now you’ve probably heard that VAR’s Convention & Expo is undergoing a complete transformation. We’re changing the name to The REal Show. We’re asking YOU to nominate keynote speakers. We’re holding it at the Virginia Beach Convention Center for three straight years starting in 2010. We’re partnering with the Hampton Roads REALTORS Association on the event. In short: Our new convention format is all about giving you more of what you want in a convention.

We’ll reward you for your help
in making our tradeshow floor H U G E!

It’s easy: Fill out the simple form below (click here if you don’t see it) to tell us about an awesome company you work with. If that company has never exhibited at a VAR expo before and winds up signing up to exhibit in 2010, we’ll give you a free registration to The REal Show 2010. Yes, you can suggest more than one vendor, and this promotion is open to Realtors and association execs.

And you’re not typing in your suggestion yet because…?