YOU can help choose the keynoters for VAR’s 2010 Convention

Maybe you’ve heard: VAR’s annual Convention & Expo is undergoing a major transformation. Not only are we changing the name to The REal Show and holding the convention at the Virginia Beach Convention Center (for three consecutive years) starting in 2010, we’re also starting with a blank slate as we book speakers.

We want your help — we want to find the absolute best keynote and workshop speakers.

Have you heard a great speaker recently at a conference? Seen one on television or YouTube? Tell us about it by 11:59 p.m. on November 29! Use this quick and easy form to suggest a speaker for The REal Show 2010.

We’ll check out all the suggestions we get, then narrow the field — and then we’ll ask you, our VAR members, to help us pick. And if we wind up choosing a keynoter based on your suggestion, we’ll give you a free registration to The REal Show 2010 and prominent recognition during The REal Show for having recommended the speaker! If more than one VAR member recommends the same speaker, we’ll choose the first VAR member to suggest them.

We expect there will be hundreds of suggestions, so we can’t possibly make good on every recommendation, but we promise to review every suggestion made. So tell us about the speakers you want to see at The REal Show 2010, and tell us now!

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4 Responses to YOU can help choose the keynoters for VAR’s 2010 Convention

  1. I think Pat Zaby is a fantastic speaker on both financial wealth and investments as well as microsoft office for the real estate professional.

  2. Brian Block says:

    Just recommended Terry Watson. Saw him speak this year at NVAR’s Convention in October. He’s entertaining, engaging, and educational, and an all-around great guy.

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  4. Sarah Poston says:

    Sean Carpenter (from Ohio) speaks about technology and prospecting/follow up ideas that are unique but practical and easy to understand. He is a true educator at heart, so he presents topics to his audience as if they were in a one-on-one mentoring session. Truly dynamic and entertaining, you walk away from his presentations actually having learned how to do something, or with a new idea that will be easily implemented. His energy is second to none, but not in that fake-y, motivational speaker kind of way.

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