The results are in from our judges! Who are they, you ask? They are…

  • Heather "I won the last Blog Brawl" Elias
  • Jenni Mayer, Jen Smith, and Austin Stahl, graphic artists from Network Media Partners in Baltimore — designers we work with on Commonwealth and many other things
  • Special guest judge #1: Shaun Irving, professional photographer extraordinaire
  • Special guest judge #2: Erin Schrad, an incredible "graphic designer/photographer/web designer" in Richmond

Six judges. Six opinions. But one consensus.

Here were their instructions:

The challenge was to create a photoblog entry to illustrate something about real estate. Words were to be at a minimum.

Rate each on a scale of 1-10 (10 = best), taking into account how well they illustrate what the blogger is trying to say. In other words, they’re not photographers, so don’t penalize them (too much) for quality.

In other other words, it’s not just the medium, it’s how well the message gets across. Just think, "How cool and illustrative a post is this?"