Commonwealth contest!

Important: A small error was pointed out in the instructions, which would lead to a different answer — off by one. And that leads to an entirely different location.

With the exception of question 5 (see below), all you need to do to get the answers is read the magazine. There is no ambiguity, like I thought.

So… we’ll accept both possible answers as correct. Simple as that.


All right, everyone. If you’ve read the current issue of Commonwealth you know about the contest to win a Flip Mino HD video camera. (See page 38 if you missed it.)

Here are your final instructions. We’ll take every correct entry received by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, December 13, draw one randomly, and award the prize. Cool, no?

OneTwo important things: The answer to question 5 did not appear in the magazine; it was removed at the last minute. It is 14.

And: "How many e-mail tips are given in Accessible Tech?" is open to interpretation. Let’s keep it simple: Every tip you should count starts with green text. (But not all green text is a tip.) E.g., "Sign your messages completely" counts as one tip, but "remove nested signatures" doesn’t.

That said…

Every answer is a number.

1. Add all five answers. (___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + 14)

2. To that sum, add the number of bows visible (or mostly visible) on Carol Umbel’s door.

The answer is a five-digit number.

3. Reverse it.

That number is a ZIP Code.

To enter the contest, send the name of the town or city with that ZIP Code and a photograph of something in that town or city to me at

Remember, the deadline is this coming Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Go go go!

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