VAR’s holiday doors

[Updated 12/11 with two new doors!]

To help get us into the spirit of things, some enterprising folks here at VAR created a door-decorating contest. Categories: Most Original, Tackiest, Most ‘Humbug’.

And so we went to work, hoping to win some fabulous prizes.

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Most kept it simple but festive, such as Toya "Finally found a use for that red and green plaid" Lyons, Lynne "Go away, I’m not going to win" Wherry, Sandy "Can’t argue with the Claus" Wahl, and Kim Martin, whose door features the face of Blake "True colors" Hegeman:

2009_Door_Contest 01 2009_Door_Contest 09

 2009_Door_Contest 05 IMG_5135 IMG_5138


While some folks — Carol "Das Blinkenlights" Thompson, Lisa "Put on this hat or else" Noon, Scott "$500 of color ink" Brunner, and Meghana "Wait, I can fit more in" Bhatia — went all out…

2009_Door_Contest 04 2009_Door_Contest 13

2009_Door_Contest 07 2009_Door_Contest 03


Others went for a more minimalist approach, such as John Broadway’s "Egg Nog in Snow" and one by Gini "I spent my time working on someone else’s door" Bonnell:

2009_Door_Contest 10  IMG_5139 


Not to mention Amy Hafer’s "Three Faceless Snowmen":

2009_Door_Contest 17


Some people went for the ‘wrapped present’ look, like Tracey "Blinding green snowstorm" Floridia, Carol "I don’t want to know what’s in the stocking" Umbel, Lili "Going for the gold" Paulk, and Tim "THIS penguin is at the North Pole" Hollowell:

 2009_Door_Contest 14  2009_Door_Contest 12 

2009_Door_Contest 15 2009_Door_Contest 06


Ben "Post-It" Martin found creative uses for office supplies:

2009_Door_Contest 02


While Amanda "Yes, I know the Redskins suck" Rainsford tried for the sympathy vote:

2009_Door_Contest 11


Glenda "Kill a tree for victory" Puryear broke into the third dimension (yes, that’s a real tree):

2009_Door_Contest 16


Rick "I’m not taking down my hoop for a contest" Lugg came up with the gingerbread man/hard candy/basketball motif:

 2009_Door_Contest 08   


While yours truly realized the only way he could win was by going for that Scrooge category:

2009_Door_Contest 18

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  1. Now this is way more interesting than the BlogBrawl. I vote for John Broadway’s eggnog in the snow theme.

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