NAR is helping relief efforts in Haiti (which was hit by another aftershock today). And — if you haven’t donated already — it has set up an online contribution form.

* * *

NAR donations include $500,000 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (which supports both immediate and long-term aid), and a $100,000 match of a contribution from Lowe’s (a Realtor Even a little money helps -- every bandage and water bottle counts.Benefits Program partner) — half of which will go to The Harvest of Haiti, which was founded by Realtor® Patrick Moore, a 2007 Good Neighbor Award winner.

NAR is accepting donations from Realtors® through the Realtors Relief Foundation. One of the best things about it is that one hundred percent of all funds it collects are donated to disaster relief causes — there’s no overhead or administration taken out.

Please go and pledge. No matter how bad things may have been for you recently… well, you get the point.

Click here for details on what NAR is doing for the people in Haiti.