Va Homeowners Alliance posts for January 11, 2010

  • Virginia Beach Synchronizes Traffic Lights to Ease Congestion
    Against the backdrop of a $4 billion state budget shortfall, Virginia Beach has recently eased some traffic congestion by re-timing its traffic lights.  The three-year effort began in October…

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  • Conservative Influence May Lead to Albemarle Tax Cut
    A conservative movement was afoot on Albemarle’s Board of Supervisors last week, as evidenced by a three-part action plan introduced by one of its members.  The resolution calls for a reduced…

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  • Dulles Area Residents Begin to See Cost of Metrorail Construction
    Homeowners accessing the Dulles toll road should expect to pay more in tolls this year. The cost of extending Metrorail to Dulles airport is over $5 billion, more than half of which will come from…

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