You pay enough for the right to put that nice "R" after your name — you’re a Realtor®, not just a real estate agent. So why not tell the world (or at least a whole lotta drivers). Get yourself a Realtor® license plate.

Special plates cost less in Virginia than just about any other state: Just 10 bucks a year. (And it can pay for itself the moment someone says, "Excuse me, I see you’re a Realtor. Can I ask you something…?")

buzz_plateEven better: For an extra $10, you can personalize your Realtor® plate with up to six characters (letters, numbers, dashes, spaces, or ampersands). The DMV site lets you check to see if the plate you want is available, see what it will look like, then order it online. Couldn’t be simpler.

You’ve probably seen them on the road. So why are you letting other people advertise on the highway without grabbing your piece of the action?

And VAR is even working to have some of the cost of a Realtor® plate go to help expand low-income housing options. Whatever excuse you have for not having one, get over it. Frank did: