Va Homeowners Alliance posts for February 5, 2010

  • VDOT Reassures Public on Snow Removal

    The Virginia Department of Transportation has amassed its resources and is ready to address yet another major winter storm expected to impact much of Virginia on Friday and Saturday. VDOT crews are still completing cleanup efforts from two other winter storms that impacted parts of the commonwealth in the past week. As of February 1, VDOT has already expended the $79 million budgeted for statewide snow-removal efforts this year and has now tapped into emergency maintenance reserve funds to pay for snow removal. “We will not reduce service levels or scale back on snow-removal efforts regardless of how much it costs this year,” said Gregory Whirley, acting commissioner.This will hopefully allay the concerns of many homeowners wondering whether the state’s current budget woes would impact core services this early in the year.


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  • Column: Senior Moments – Beware of Estate Tax Status in 2010

    The federal estate tax is dead — at least for now. It’s 2010, and the temporary, one-year repeal of the federal estate tax is in effect.

    The failure of Congress to either extend the 2009 estate tax rules into 2010, or to enact a permanent estate tax law has created several unfortunate consequences.

    Here are some things you need to know to protect your family and your assets.

    • Both the federal estate tax and the federal generation-skipping transfer tax (a separate tax on property given to grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.) are repealed for 2010 unless Congress enacts legislation to reinstate them, retroactive to Jan. 1, or otherwise.

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