VAR Board member’s “other” company featured in WSJ

Way to go, Mr. Odio:

AppMakr was originally a side service offered by PointAbout, a technology consulting company based out of Washington, D.C. In its beta form, AppMakr listed a $2,000 starting price for aspiring app makers to sign up, in addition to the price to build the actual app.

But the company recently separated AppMakr into its own brand and lowered the price for build templates to $199 and $499, depending on whether app makers wanted to allow AppMakr to retain publishing rights, or claim its own branding and copyright.

PointAbout’s co-founder and chief operating officer Daniel R. Odio says AppMakr has since published 3,100 apps in the iTunes App Store, which lists over 100,000 apps and is expected to reach 300,000 of apps by the end of this year, according to a report from IDC.

Full story here.

Oh, and another (same day!) here.

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  1. Daniel Odio says:

    Thanks for the props Scott! See you next week. – DROdio

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