VAR Board of Directors takes action at Get Active conference

At last week’s Get Active Legislative & Education Conference, the VAR Board of Directors took action on several items, two of which we thought you might be interested in knowing about right away:

  • APPROVED: A $13,814.79 legal action request from the Northern Virginia Asssociation of Realtors (NVAR) request to help fund a lawsuit filed against the City of Fairfax in response to the enactment of a rental inspection ordinance which exceeds the authority granted to the City by the Virginia General Assembly. This ordinance places additional and unnecessary requirements and fees on the owners and agents of residential rental properties.
  • APPROVED: A whitepaper creating a multi-faceted plan to move the Board of Directors to a more strategic focus.   Plan highlights include a communication plan that keeps directors consistently informed of VAR operations through written reports while also highlighting any exceptions or issues that may need their attention.  The plan calls for Board of Directors meetings that are more issues-based, that engage the Board of Directors in future-oriented thinking and debate, allowing them to bring their experience and expertise to the table on the strategic issues facing the association and its members.  Finally, an ongoing Board assessment process will be created to allow directors to evaluate their performance and effectiveness.

VAR Board of DirectorsThe board also heard from VAR members Tara Christensen, Heather Elias, Jennifer Klaussen and Daniel Odio (pictured at the head table here, except for Odio, who had to leave early) who shared in a panel discussion (moderated by VAR Marketing Director, Jovan Hackley) on how they use technology to be more efficient and earn more business.

Full minutes from the Board of Directors meeting will be posted to the MyVAR Board of Directors group by next week.

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