VAR participating in Nationwide Open House Weekend: April 10-11

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Write it down: April 10-11. Nationwide Open House weekend.

Buyers agents, grab your clients — it’s too convenient an event to miss. (“No, no — you don’t have to buy anything. Let’s just take a look, because there are so many open houses around here. I’ll pick you up at 10, OK? Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with something.”)

Brokers, man your listings! Make sure as many homes as possible are open and inviting. Schedule your Realtors to be there with smiles on their faces and warm cookies on the table.

State and local Realtor® Associations across the country are going to be promoting the heck out of this. You can’t buy the kind of publicity this will generate. Ride the buzz, and use the event to remind your clients of all the reasons there are to buy today: Tax advantages, first-time and existing homeowner credits, low mortgage rates, and more.

Finally, don’t forget to brush up beforehand with NAR’s Field Guide to Open Houses.

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