Roanoke jury values seized land at $2.2 million

A small victory in Roanoke for property owners around the Commonwealth: The Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority has been ordered to pay Jay and Stephanie Burkholder $2.2 million for land seized under eminent domain. The figure falls between the $1.53 million the housing authority had offered to pay and the value of about $4.5 million given the Burkholders by two appraisers.

The Burkholders plan to continue their fight against the seizure, and say they hope to ultimately strengthen the rights of Virginia property owners.

“I intend to be a missionary or warrior for property rights,” Stephanie Burkholder said. “I will not roll up and go away.”

Read more in the Roanoke Times….

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One Response to Roanoke jury values seized land at $2.2 million

  1. N. Wiehl says:

    less then 50% of its value still means they are stealing the land from the property owner. keep up the fight Jay and Stephanie !

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