Theismann completes VAR’s REal Show

You remember Joe Theismann as the number one NFL quarterback of the 1980’s. But the two-time Pro Bowl player and most productive Washington Redskins quarterback ever has shown tenacity both on and off the field. On November 19, 1985, the star suffered a compound leg fracture that shattered both his career and boyhood dream. But he refused to let it be the end of his success.

Joe helped lead the Washington Redskins to victory in Super Bowl XVII. At the REal Show, VAR’s Convention & Expo (October 1-3 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center), you can learn tips from Joe that will help lead you to victory in a changing real estate market.

Get fired up by Theismann’s The Challenge of Change and learn how at age 35, Joe managed to remake his personal life and professional career. Discover how a positive mindset can guarantee your success even when a changing housing market threatens to upset your goals.

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