Be a trusted advisor with HouseLogic and the Virginia Homeowners Alliance

Learn how you can use these complementary (and complimentary!) tools from NAR and VAR to demonstrate your real estate expertise to current and potential clients:

For over a year now, you’ve been hearing about the Virginia Homeowners Alliance and how VAR is using it to bring Realtors and homeowners together on governmental issues on which we have common interests, such as bringing more fairness to real estate assessments. And it’s paying off (in more ways than one):

  • Today, the Virginia Homeowners Alliance has more than 11,000 members.
  • serves up about 20 stories weekly about statewide and local government actions (down to the county/city level) that can affect the value of homes in the Commonwealth.
  • There’s a section on for each and every county and incorporated city in Virginia, from Accomack to York (and each section has an uber-useful RSS feed).
  • You can use content from in your newsletters, on your Web site or blog, or share it with your Facebook or Twitter friends.

Recently, NAR launched It has a similar purpose of bringing homeowners together to stand with Realtors on real estate related issues where they have common interests, but it has a completely different hook.

  • offers free information and tools for homeowners like tax tips, insurance information, plus a home improvement and maintenance “binder” that lets homeowners create a portfolio of projects to help them increase the value of their home.
  • It also offers a section for Realtors at where you can download raw content and print-ready materials to help your clients earn more on their home when it comes time to sell. Like the content on, you can use this content in your communication with clients.

Think of these two sites like cookies and milk, or wine and cheese, or pizza and beer (for the manly men out there). Each one is great by itself, but they’re even better together.

Here are four ways you can use and together to provide relevant housing related content to your current and future clients:

  1. Visit both and on a weekly basis to get ideas about real estate related things to talk about with past and prospective clients. When you talk with people, you want them to know and remember that you’re a smart Realtor, right?
  2. Before you send your next newsletter, check the page for your county or city for information about local government news that affects homeownership, and grab some content about home maintenance from to add relevant content with just a few clicks.
  3. Print out flyers from and reprint recent stories from about your area to create a homeownership leave-behind packet for past clients titled Increasing the value of your COUNTY NAME home.
  4. Stream the RSS feed for your city or county section at into your blog or Web site and post a link to
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