DPOR Director won’t be reappointed

VAR has learned that Jay DeBoer, Director of the Commonwealth’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), will not be reappointed.  The Virginia Real Estate, Appraisers, and Common Interest Community Boards all fall under the jurisdiction of DPOR.  A successor will be appointed shortly.<!–break–>

“In his years at DPOR, Jay was extraordinarily effective in transforming the DPOR culture to be much more customer-friendly and efficient,” said VAR’s CEO Scott Brunner.

Virginia’s Realtors® commend Mr. DeBoer for the improvements he made to the Real Estate Board staff and procedures and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


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  1. That’s really a shame. His leadership brought about noticeable improvements. He seemed to honestly get “it”. I wish him well…

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