Gov. McDonnell to create Housing Policy Advisory Committee

Homeowners and Realtors® will be the beneficiaries of a comprehensive statewide housing policy created by Gov. McDonnell. He is expected to sign an executive order this week outlining the policy objectives. It is the first time Virginia has embarked on creating a statewide executive housing policy.

At a news conference in Richmond this morning, the Governor announced the appointment of a Housing Policy Advisory Committee that will be charged with developing a housing policy for the Commonwealth. The plan is expected to cover housing related issues like homelessness, workforce housing, economic development, healthy neighborhoods, effective coordination of transportation, and environmental issues.

Through RPAC of Virginia, VAR was the first major trade organization to endorse McDonnell in his 2009 gubernatorial campaign. His answers to questions during his interview with the RPAC Trustees about housing related issues gave VAR leaders a peek into his vision for housing in Virginia. However, this proclamation from the Governor is a clear signal that he stands firmly with Virginia’s Realtors® and homeowners in understanding the paramount importance of strong communities and real estate markets to Virginians’ way of life.

“As you look at what does it take for everybody to have equal opportunity and access to the American dream, it really to me starts with a new job, to feel that sense of dignity in work. And right with that is the ability to have sustainable, affordable housing, to have a roof and shelter,” McDonnell said, according to the Washington Post.

VAR commends Gov. McDonnell for this unprecedented step towards planning today for a vibrant Virginia housing sector tomorrow. VAR will be working with the Governor and his staff to ensure that the voices of Realtors® and homeowners are heard by the Committee, and we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

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