HVCC at one year: What have we learned? What’s coming next?

Yes, it’s true: HVCC is one year old. To help members understand how to cope with the changes brought by HVCC , VAR published a feature story in the September/October 2009 edition of Commonwealth magazine and in 2010 helped to pass legislation (HB408) implementing regulations for appraisal management companies who operate in the Commonwealth. NAR continues pushing for changes to HVCC on the national level. 

Now that HVCC has reached its one year anniversary, you can learn about its effects on the housing market and what’s coming down the pike in a free Webinar from NAR at 3 p.m. on April 29. You’ll get answers to questions like:

How are practitioners and appraisers adjusting to the rules, which aim to protect appraiser independence by regulating how appraisers are selected? Will appraisal selection procedures change at the end of 2010, when HVCC is scheduled to end? What’s the latest on state-by-state efforts to regulate appraisal management companies (AMCs)? Is any federal regulation in the works? What alternatives to AMCs are lenders looking at to ensure the availability of experienced appraisers in all market areas?

Register for the Webinar now.

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