May 1 is May Day. Could be an appropriate thing to say the day after the homebuyer tax credit expires, don’tcha think?

So here it is… Life after the homebuyer tax credit. For about two years now we’ve had this artificial economic stimulus at work in the housing market. Some say it helped the housing market avoid a complete collapse. Others say it was a waste of money, and simply moved up Americans’ home purchases by a few months. But in just a few scant hours: *poof!* it’s gone.

Mayday! Mayday! Don't worry, it's a model.A few weeks ago we reported on an unscientific Washington Post poll gauging public opinion on what will happen to home values starting today. Two thirds anticipated that we’re in for a dip.

What do you think? What happens now? It’s the topic of our upcoming July/August Commonwealth magazine. 

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(photo credit. oh, and don’t worry: that’s a model plane)