MyVAR gets kudos from social media experts

At a conference of more than one thousand state and local Realtor® association professionals from around North America, keynote speaker and social media guru Amber MacArthur cited MyVAR, our new membership directory/private social network, as an exceptional example of associations embracing social networking strategies.

Pls pardon the terrible BlackBerry photoQuoth Amber:

“If you want to see an extraordinary example of an association that has embraced social media, just check out what the Virginia Association of Realtors is doing. Their MyVAR customized social networking site allows members to discover and connect with like-minded contacts, create a network of colleagues, share information, and customize their own profile page.  If social media is here to stay, and I believe it is, then a project like MyVAR is exactly what associations should be doing for their members.”

Oh, but that’s not all!

At the same conference, speakers from the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) also talked up MyVAR.  CEO Bill Lublin said:

I was incredibly impressed with the design of the MyVAR website and its application of social processes to Realtor association member management software. It’s hard for me to determine which impressed me the most: the reinforcement of individual’s social circles, the grouping of committees, or the matching of members with other members that they may not have met.

And Ginger Wilcox, COO of SMMI gave MyVAR this high praise:

The Virginia Association of Realtors continues to pave the way for associations across the country.  Realtors are using social networks to connect and interact with fellow agents.  VAR sets the standard for member communications with its MyVAR private social network, giving the association the forum to listen and engage its members while providing members a private platform to gather information, share ideas, discuss issues, and network.

If social media experts like Amber, Ginger and Bill are saying MyVAR is awesome, shouldn’t you be using it? Over 1000 VAR members have already completed their profiles, and dozens more join them every day. They’re waiting for you to join the conversation!

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  1. Ben, you and your team deserve a High 5 for all your hard work. Way2Go!!!

  2. Jeremy Hart says:

    That’s tremendous, Ben – congrats to you and everyone else there at VAR who’s put such effort into it. Thanks for giving us something so useful!

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