In his latest Trends Report, Stefan Swanepoel makes a good point in a chapter titled “Are You Committed?”: Realtors® who are working part time should disclose that fact to their clients.

Why? Well, he spends four full pages (with charts!) explaining, but in a nutshell:

When real estate agents take on second and third jobs and decide not to disclose that fact to their client, it raises questions concerning their level of commitment and service.

Hard to argue, isn’t it? I mean, if the pilot on my flight was a part-time freelance writer, I’d kinda want to know that he may spend some of his cockpit time on his laptop.

Likewise, shouldn’t a Realtor® who is also a home organizer, or who owns an appraisal firm, or who’s a landlord also disclose that? (I’m sure we can all agree on what constitutes “part-time.”)

As Swanepoel put it, “Realtors® that have chosen to maintain dual-careers [sic] face an uphill battle to remain in the game at an effective level.”

His suggestion: Realtor® associations should “develop the necessary support systems” to help part-time Realtors who want to be full time “rejoin the industry in full… or get out.