VAR welcomes Market Leader as Social Media Sponsor

We’ve just gotta take a second here to tip our hat and say w00t! to Market Leader, a long-time VAR supporter that recently stepped up (in these tough economic times, no less) to become VAR’s first-ever Social Media Sponsor.

As you know, VAR has been active in social media for years now.  You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, (naturally), and our latest initiative, MyVAR, a private social network for VAR members. Market Leader is the first company to recognize VAR’s social media superpowers with a financial commitment.  In recognition of their support, you’ll see a few tweets, posts, ads, and maybe even a Facebook poke from Market Leader. But of course, shameless self-promotion kinda flies in the face of the whole social media thing, so we promise keep it unobtrusive.

You may know that Market Leader specializes in lead generation for agents, agent teams, and brokers. They have Web sites where consumers can request and receive free housing information, and that’s how they get their leads. It’s a stronger service than some of those random lead generation services out there. But you might not know that they’ve been around since 1999, so they’ve survived the dot-com bust and you can count on them to be around a good bit longer. 

And, according to Market Leader, they are the leading marketing partner to the real estate industry and they are they are the only authorized Google Adwords reseller in the real estate industry.

As you might expect from VAR’s first Social Media Sponsor, Market Leader has a blog and you can also connect with them on TwitterActive RainFacebook and YouTube.

So give VAR’s social media friends at Market Leader a look. It’s an easy way to say thanks for helping keep your dues down with their generous sponsorship.

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