A majority of Realtors use social media for business

Maybe we should call this the tipping point: You’re now in the minority if you’re a Realtor® who’s not tweeting, Facebooking or blogging.

According to NAR’s newest member profile, 51% of members are active in social media. Quoth Jessica Lauth with NAR’s research division:

  • The use of social media by members increased from 35 percent in 2009 to 51 percent in 2010.
  • The use of social media is most common among younger members: 79 percent of members aged 29 and younger use social media. However, the use of social media increased the most in the last year among more seasoned members.
  • About two-thirds of members have a website for real estate purposes. This share has continued to increase steadily over the past several years.
  • One in ten members has a blog for real estate purposes—a share that has also increased in the last year.

More social media and Web stats in Jessica Lauth’s article, or check out the full 2010 Member Profile.




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One Response to A majority of Realtors use social media for business

  1. Does that mean we should expect to have 51% of VAR’s members here in Richmond for RE BarCamp RVA on 6/23? That’ll be a really crowded room! :)


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