RE BarCamp RVA: June 23 at RAR

REBarCampRVAThe Richmond Association of Realtors and VAR are teaming up to bring you RE BarCamp RVA. “RE BarCamp RVA? What the heck is that?” you say?

A BarCamp is a FREE unconference, meaning there is no set agenda of topics before everyone arrives at the site.  At the beginning of the event anyone in attendance can “pitch” an idea such as leading a discussion on the use of Twitter for real estate, a discussion on best practices in dealing with a Short Sales, hot mobile applications or using Facebook for real estate.  Each idea is written on a post-it note and posted on the wall at the front of the room.

After all post-its are finished, the participants at the event will make a mark each post-it note they find of interest.   The top ideas are assigned to rooms, and off we go for the day. The person who pitched the idea doesn’t necessarily have to be the leader of the discussion but often they are the facilitator of an interactive conversation surrounding that topic.  All sessions are intended to be free of personal pitches for your particular company, in the spirit of  BarCamp.  Taking in and sharing knowledge with your peers is what RE BarCamp is all about.

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, too; we’re planning networking time the day before the event and right after RE BarCamp finishes for the day.

Some agents REALLY like this format because you set the agenda based on what you want to learn not what someone else determines you need to learn.  Be prepared for an open discussion format where you participate in the discussion sharing your thoughts on the topic, if you decide to attend.

Check out the RE BarCamp RVA Web site to learn more and register.

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