Board of Directors actions from 6/10

The VAR Board of Directors met on Thursday, June 10, 2010.  Here’s a summary of significant decisions made:<!–break–>

  • Held dues at the same level for 2011, but increased the new member fee from $63 to $100.
  • Transfered some RPAC overhead expenses back to VAR so that the vast majority of member contributions to RPAC can be used to fund candidates.
  • Endorsed a professional standards citation system recommended by the Risk Management Committee. Modeled after a system in California, this alternative approach to the professional standards hearing process would institute fines for certain REALTOR Code of Ethics violations. Each local association can decide whether or not to opt in to this system. Curious about this? Download the Risk Management Committee’s presentation.
  • Held elections for VAR leadership positions for the 2011 membership year: Trish Szego from Fairfax will be VAR’s 2011 President-Elect; John Daly from Virginia Beach will be VAR’s 2011-2012 Treasurer; and Mary Dykstra from Roanoke will be VAR’s 2011 Vice President.

In addition to transferring some RPAC overhead expenses back to VAR, the Board also held a strategic discussion about the future of RPAC. Falling membership in Virginia has resulted in falling RPAC receipts at the very time when we’ve had to increase the amount and number of contributions RPAC makes in Virginia elections. As a result, we are seriously underfunded as we look ahead to statewide General Assembly elections next year.  If nothing changes, and even if we keep contributions low this year, RPAC of Virginia will have only about $250,000 to contribute in next year’s races. We anticipate needing upwards of $500,000.  The Board brainstormed a number of options for increasing contributions to RPAC, which will be evaluated and implemented by VAR volunteers and staff.

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