“If you think this is a free country, try selling something.” Or in the case of Brunswick County, try renting something.

Brunswick County officials are proposing an ordinance that would put in place strict regulations on short-term rentals, and many Brunswick County homeowners are speaking out against it on NoLongTermHeadaches.com.

The ordinance, if passed, would require homeowners who want rent their properties for thirty days or less to navigate a complicated permitting process that could take up to eight months. The new requirements include:

  • up to $500 in initial permitting fees
  • additional paperwork
  • home inspections
  • public hearings
  • annual fees

Some Brunswick homeowners aren’t happy about it, and they’re going to NoLongTermHeadaches.com to let their Supervisors know about it. The site points out that if the Board approves the ordinance in its current form, property owners will have to spend valuable time and resources navigating a convoluted process just so they can exercise their property rights.

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