4 unexpected ways to meet your next active client

Guest post from VAR’s awesome social media sponsor, Market Leader:

No doubt about it: the real estate market is different today than it was four years ago. Do you know how you will find your next active client? Here are a few ways:

  1. Wear your name tag – While 87% of buyers search for homes online according to NAR, you can still find ‘em at Starbucks. With your name tag, you’ll be more friendly and trustworthy as you introduce yourself.
  2. Twitter – Be social online! Over time you can amass Twitter followers and become the trusted source for real estate info.
  3. Comment on others’ blogs – Work to build your reputation as someone who helps others and look forward to a wave of new business.
  4. Or find your next client faster with…  Growth Leader – With our advertising specialists, client management tools and a website designed by lead generation experts, you can bring buyers directly to YOU.

If you want to meet your next client right away, click here now and receive a complimentary Agent Powerhouse Tool Kit filled with email templates, social media tips and other helpful information to help you attract your next client worry-free.

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One Response to 4 unexpected ways to meet your next active client

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    True story – my second deal happened in part because I was wearing my Realtor pin. I gave a guy directions and, when he saw the pin, he mentioned that he and his wife were looking for a house.

    I promptly lost the pin.

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